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Increased Visbility & Website Visits by 2,550% For a Tattoo Studio in London (UK)


Introduction This case study showcases the successful optimization efforts undertaken for the Pinterest business account of local a company managed by the agency MVee Media. By leveraging data-driven insights, the agency aimed to enhance the account’s performance and drive better engagement with the target audience.

Situation Analysis The screenshot provides a snapshot of the account’s performance over the last 30 days, highlighting key metrics such as impressions, saves, and outbound clicks. These metrics serve as indicators of the account’s reach, audience engagement, and potential website traffic.

Performance Highlights

  • Impressions: 543.25k (+52% increase)
  • Saves: 535 (+47% increase)
  • Outbound Clicks: 1.17k (+9% increase)

The significant increases in impressions, saves, and outbound clicks suggest that the agency’s strategies were effective in boosting the account’s visibility and generating higher levels of engagement from the target audience.

Optimization Strategies While the specific tactics employed are not explicitly stated, the positive performance trends indicate that the agency likely implemented the following optimization strategies:

  1. Content Optimization: Analyzing the top-performing Pins based on impressions, clicks, and saves to identify resonating content themes and strategies. Adjusting content creation and curation efforts accordingly to better align with audience preferences.

  2. Audience Targeting: Refining audience targeting methods to ensure that content is being served to the most relevant and engaged segments, thereby increasing the chances of valuable interactions.

  3. Pin Scheduling: Evaluating performance trends to identify optimal timing for Pin scheduling, capitalizing on peak engagement periods and adapting the content calendar accordingly.

  4. Engagement Optimization: Continuously monitoring engagement rates (clicks and saves relative to impressions) and adjusting content quality, relevance, and promotional efforts to drive higher levels of interaction.

  5. Collaboration with Pinterest Experts: Leveraging the “Book a meeting” option to potentially consult with Pinterest Sales Experts and gain additional insights for further account optimization.

Performance Summary The data-driven approach adopted by the agency resulted in significant performance improvements across key metrics, indicating a successful optimization strategy tailored to the client’s Pinterest business account.


MetricValueChange (%)
Outbound Clicks1.17k+9%


By continuously monitoring and analyzing performance data, the agency was able to make informed decisions and adjustments, ultimately driving higher levels of engagement and potential website traffic for their client.

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