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National SEO Case Study (US)

We are going to reveal in this case study how we increased revenue for a limousine business in the US by 175% in just one month with our SEO services.

The Problem

When this renowned Limousine Company in Washington area came to MVee Media, they had two problems:

  • They were trying to sell to an extremely big audience.
  • They had poor experiences with other SEO agencies.

This Limousine Company has been providing excellent chauffeured services in Washington and across all States, since 2009.

They’re great at what they do — but, as you can probably guess, they were struggling getting high quality traffic that would bring in the revenue for them.

When we first met with the owners, they told us that they were looking for clients in the whole US and with an excessive radius.

Their other issue was that they previously worked with other agencies that promised them that they’d do “ninja” tweaks, or other “magic” fixes that would lead to big results, yesterday.

The Strategy

Our first step was to set the right expectations for our client. Then the next step is finding the appropriate keywords and a good audit to start from and set benchmarks. After the keyword research was done, we’ve gone ahead and applied the following optimizations:

✓ Adding FAQs to service pages

✓ Quality Local & National Backlinks (local backlinks and voice search powered by Yext and NearMe Suite by Uberall thanks to a strategic partnership)

✓ Development and implementation of On-Page SEO (Titles, Meta Descriptions, Schemas, etc.)

✓ Moved the CTA above the fold on mobile

✓ Reduced mobile speed to under 3 seconds

✓ Collecting and adding reviews to every single page

✓ Defined our clients ideal customers that helped up to shape our copy and call to actions to capture the right audience

✓ Targeted a very specific set of keywords (not always the highest search volume!!) that we were confident in, to bring our client the best ranking and revenue opportunity

The Results

Thanks to these tweaks and strategies we were able to rank the “Near Me” keyword (and a few more) #1 on Google Maps within the first 2 months, as it can be seen from the screenshot below:

Limousine Service Oganic Increase - Mvee Media London, UK_result_result_result

Let’s compare — Nov/Jan 2022 to April 2022.


Nov/Jan 2022

April 2022

Goal Completion


50 (78.57%)

Goal Value


$12k (78%)

Or, in one graph:

SEO is always plastered as being difficult, complex, and ‘too’ technical.

It can be – if you don’t understand your customer and your marketing strategy.

That’s why we are here to hold your hands every step of the way.