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e-Commerce Case Study (US)

We are going to reveal in this case study how we increased revenue for an e-Commerce business in the US by 120% in just one month with our SEO services.

The Problem

When this particular e-Commerce business spoke to us, they had quite a few problems, where the main one obviously was revenue:

  • Backlink strategy was mostly based on spam backlinks
  • Attracting low-quality traffic (88% bounce rate confirmed that)
  • Not generating the revenue desired (and declining)
  • Ranking in the low end of page #1 for the main keywords while not ranking for other buyers’ keywords.


Given it was a particular business, within the medical niche, and was fairly big – what we’d normally call an “Authority” site – We approached the type of optimizations in different “chunks” rather than as a whole bunch. Hence focusing on the 20% that would’ve brought in the 80% results.

The Strategy

Narrowed targeting to focus less on traffic quantity and more on traffic quality

  • Focusing our attention on 1/2 products that data forecasted key indicators of growth
  • Defined our clients ideal customers that helped up to shape our copy and call to action to capture the right audience
  • Targeted a very specific set of keywords (not always the highest search volume!!) that we were confident in, to bring our client the best ranking and revenue opportunity

Increased conversion rate from 4% to 9% by:

  • Added Advanced Product Schemas and Aggregated Reviews Schema
  • Showing high-quality imagery of the product in use
  • Including a visual 3 step process to show the simplicity of the product from purchase, installation, to use
  • Reducing mobile speed to under 3 seconds
  • Collecting and adding reviews to every single page

The Results

Let’s compare — eCommerce Joined us in January 2022


Feb/March 2022


Traffic Increase


+500 Users

Revenue Increase


+$2200 Revenue in 1 month

What This Means For Your Brand

Often SEO is plastered as being difficult, complex and ‘too’ technical. And It can be. That’s why we are here to make all of it a stress-free solution, with results virtually guaranteed in almost any industry – 30-Day Money Back Guaranteed.