Introducing Knowledge Assistant

What is Knowledge Assistant #

Knowledge Assistant is a conversational UI built on top of Facebook Messenger and SMS that allows you to interact with the Yext platform easily straight from your phone.

Overview of Responding to Reviews & Q&A #

Responding to reviews and questions is very quick and easy via Knowledge Assistant. In most cases, you will probably be responding to a proactive notification from Knowledge Assistant but you can also ask Knowledge Assistant to show you the latest reviews or questions.

For reviews, you can ask things like:

  • “Show me my reviews”
  • “Show me my reviews that need a response”
  • “How many reviews do I have”
  • “What’s my average rating”

For questions, you can ask things like:

  • “Show me my questions”
  • “Show me my questions that need an answer”

You can also start responding to reviews or questions that need a response.

Overview of Analytics #

Knowledge Assistant allows you to retrieve some analytics from the platform so you can understand your performance quickly on-the-go.

You can ask things like:

  • “How many profile views did I get last month?”
  • “How many impressions did I have in March?”
  • “How am I doing?”

Note: the profile views and impressions are only those that are from the extended network and don’t include those from Google, Facebook, Bing or other premium publishers. Want more analytics types supported? Tell us more about your use case

How to use Knowledge Assistant #

It’s just like texting a friend – here’s an example:

What is Knowledge Assistant - MVee Media - Digital Marketing Agency London, UK

You can do things like update your data in the Knowledge Graph, view or respond to reviews or Q&A, and get analytics. We wanted to make accessing our platform, making updates, and responding to consumers reviews and questions as easy and accessible as possible. Here are some example conversations:

“Show me my reviews”

Advertising and SEO Agency Solutions - MVee Media - Digital Marketing Agency

“How many reviews do I have”

Advertising and SEO Agency Solutions - MVee Media - Digital Marketing Agency

Types of Interactions Supported by Knowledge Assistant #

The Knowledge Assistant gets smarter every day. We can categorize the supported interactions by product area. For example, you can do things like:


  • Respond to reviews, e.g., “respond to the latest review”
  • View reviews, e.g., “view last 3 reviews”


  • Respond to a question, e.g., “respond to latest question”
  • View question, e.g., “view questions asked”


  • Get analytics on listings, e.g., “how many profile views did I get last month?”
  • Get analytics on reviews, e.g., “what is my average rating?”

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