Complaints & Community Guidelines

Website and Content Complaints

MVee Media is a digital service provider and provides online performance solutions to a range of companies. From time to time, we receive complaints about content hosted on our customers’ website(s) or networks. As sometimes happens in today’s world, there can be differing perspectives on content within the hosted sites of our customers. Mvee Media’s infrastructure is simply an enabler and we don’t, as a rule, police content.

We take complaints very seriously and do our best to resolve all complaints in a timely matter. Content complaints from specific websites should be made directly to the website owner.

At times, the views expressed on sites owned by our customers do not align with the ideology and diversity of our Mvee Media Culture. Although we may be at odds with certain content, we do believe in freedom of expression and, therefore, developed an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that we have established with our customers. Our teams review each complaint, take a number of factors into consideration when evaluating whether a site violates our policies and, guided by our AUP, take actions as necessary. You can be assured that when we have compelling evidence of AUP violations, we take swift action.

Community Guidelines

We enjoy receiving comments from the community on all of our social platforms. We strive to create a supportive, conversational, and respectful community. However, to ensure that our social media accounts are providing quality, respectful and valuable content, we reserve the right to delete, report or block any users that do not participate in our friendly standards.

If you wish to participate in our community, please respect the audience. Our goal is to create an open and respectful community in alignment with our Acceptable Use Policy. We appreciate your interest in participating and look forward to your conversations.

We enjoy having YOU in our community.

The MVee Media Team